Created with exclusive attention to details SCRIGNO is ESTRO’s “Jewellery Box” and like in every Jewellery Box, it’s all about its doors.

Scrigno is a perfectly symmetrical design, available in two possible solutions, floor-mounted and wall-mounted. 

In either configuration, the design language does not change. 

SCRIGNO has a central metallic insert available in Estro’s finishes such as brushed and polished bronze, brass, dark smoke and champagne.

On both sides of the central metallic band, two finely crafted, wooden doors stand out with our special Estro Waved design, and a marble top completes a piece that does not require additional wording.

Scrigno has all the character for being the perfect vanity for any residential and hospitality powder rooms.

It has the essentials for being a timeless piece.

Estro’s Selected Combinations

Scrigno S01


Scrigno S02


Scrigno S03


Scrigno S04

Scrigno F01


Scrigno F02


Scrigno F03


Scrigno F04

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