Giotto, the name says it all.

Inspired by the Italian Master in painting, who left important footprints still outstanding in today world, here we produce a synonymous of art, architecture and unequivocal inspiration.

Giotto brings up to mind the perfect circle, a line drawn on paper without a compass and without flaws.

At ESTRO COLLEZIONE we are proud of our heritage and origins: we’re proudly Italians.

We believe that Giotto has everything it needs to resemble beauty, design, heritage and innovation.

A marble counter-top, available in different sizes and finishes, is combined with beautifully handcrafted drawers with clean-cut 3D, fluid design, available in several sizes and modules, a combination synonymous of dynamism plus innovation.

Finally, the central door embedding an engraved perfect circle gives to Giotto a unique, unforgettable character.

Because Giotto is the perfect ambassador of Made in Italy.

Estro’s Selected Combinations

Giotto S02


Giotto s04


Giotto s05


Giotto S06

© Estrocollezioni 2020. All Rights Reserved.

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