Like we were staring at the amazing rings surrounding the solemn planet Saturn, our creative inspiration behind Estro Saturno started when elaborating the primordial idea of framing two geometries together, like a planet and its rings.

The design objective, in this case, floats around sharp, clean-cut shapes, elaborated with precious metal frames surrounding spherical light globes fixtures.

Saturno is a wall-mounted vanity, available in several materials combinations and two standard sizes, single or double sink.

In Saturno metal, wood and marble live together in a delicate balance, making this vanity a unique masterpiece and solo protagonist of the space.

Because this is what happens when design is inspired by nature.

Materials Combination

Saturno A

Saturno B

Saturno C

Saturno D

Saturno A – DO

Saturno B – DO

Saturno C – DO

Saturno D – DO

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