– L’AURE –


L’Aure carries forward Estro’s philosophy that bathroom furniture is a piece of decorative furniture. The essence of the L’Aure collection is in the balance between material and form, between volumes that overlap but always maintain a distance between them as if they were suspended.

The combination of marble and wood is always filtered by a metal element that acts as a union between the two natural materials. Inside the drawers, the wood is inlaid according to a soft and fluid pattern, which adds harmony to such a linear form. The simplicity and sophistication of this model make it very flexible in compositions making L’Aure a product with a variety of volumetric and therefore functional combinations.

L’aure’s Selected Combinations

L’aure S01

L’aure S02

L’aure S03

L’aure S04

L’aure S05

L’aure S06

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